Tanyan yahi. It is good that you have arrived here. Thank you for visiting. This is Hupahu Wiwila (Wingsprings), a retreat and conference center located on Oglala Sioux allotted trust land in the Lacreek District of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The architecturally striking facilities are nestled into a native prairie reserve of rolling grass-covered hills that overlook a natural system of spring-fed pools. 

The photo above was taken around 5:40 pm on 23 October 2017, just as the sun was setting. The windsock is a reminder of Dad and his love of flying. It also serves as a marker along 226th Avenue for where to turn to get to Wingsprings. So watch for it on your way here.

But if you cannot be here in person, then please visit virtually by wandering around this website. In doing so, you will run across annual photo albums that chronicle the ongoing construction process, plus a weekly blog (oko iyawapi) that is organized around a photograph taken at Hupahu Wiwila each week. That is about all you can find for now (the latest two albums have yet to be uploaded, and the oko iyawapi is being formatted for this new website), but additional features will be added in the future. So come back again when you can.

Wingsprings is the home of the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies (CAIRNS). For more information on CAIRNS, press here and you will be taken to the Center's website.

If you wish to contact me, press here to email me. I will be happy to hear from you. Thank you for visiting, and i hope to see you again soon.

Toksa ake wacinyankinkte lo.