WS6 Oko 38

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Saglogan

Monday, Nov 9 to Sunday, Nov 15, 2009: high 73, low 16

Foggy Saturday morning with a mixture of hoary frost and a skiff of overnight snow blanketing the landscape and rooftops. Nearly obscured by the fog, looking past the corner of the cabin you can see that one of the sets of tipi poles fell down yet again. It’s puzzling why three sets of poles have toppled over this fall.

The picture above is looking west, whereas the one below is looking east. Notice the bunny in the one below?

I’m wondering if [s]he might have something to do with the tip over. If not, I imagine the sound of the poles crashing down must have been startling. But the bunnies and I have a communication problem so when I inquired into the mishap, he just kept looking toward the west,  with nary a glance at me or a reply.

Well, little does he know that before next summer, I’m going to plug the entry to his home under the wall tent platform. Not for payback purposes–rather, to try to keep the nighttime noises to a minimum during the summer workshops. This past summer, the bunnies and other animals made quite a racket of noise during the nights.

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