WS6 Oko 39

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Napcinyunka

Monday, Nov 16 to Sunday, Nov 22, 2009: high 67, low 22

Hauled dirt on Wednesday with this homemade dump trailer that Harvey Lee lent me. It worked great. The project was to backfill around the foundation wall to give it some insulation, but more importantly, to protect the earth around it from erosion. The day before I had started the process using my flatbed trailer.

Digging with the bobcat below a cut-bank north of the house, it was an easy job to load the flatbed and then pull it with the pickup to the house. There, however, the work began because I had to unload it by shovel. After two loads, I decided to call Harvey Lee.

Saturday was spent spreading the dirt, banking it up against the foundation wall, sloping it away so it will drain, and then raking it smooth. Doing so really changed the look of the house.

This view above is from the northwest, whereas the one below is from the southeast. By using dirt from the surrounding pasture, hopefully native grasses will be more likely to establish themselves and grow in it.

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