WS6 Oko 31

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Wanji

Monday, Sep 21 to Sunday, Sep 27, 2009: high 88, low 40

Tuesday was the autumnal equinox. An equinox, of course, occurs twice a year when the amount of daylight equals the amount of darkness. Due to a number of factors [such as how to determine when the sun actually sets, and that there is “daylight” both before the sun rises and after it sets], the amount of daylight and darkness is not exactly equal. Essentially, the equinoxes are equidistance between the solstices. The photo above was taken at 6:42 PM after the sun had set. The Butte is visible at the far right of the image. The angular difference between the Butte and where the sun sets on the equinoxes equals the angle in degrees that the Wingsprings west-east axis is north of west. For some reason I have yet to calculated this angle.

Below is a picture snapped two minutes earlier, at 6:40 PM. For the past few years, we have taken a series of photos from the peak of the cockpit roof at sunset on the equinoxes and solstices. These photos may be stitched together to create 360 degree panoramic images.

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