WS7 Oko 33

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Yamni

Monday, Oct 4 to Sunday, Oct 10, 2010: high 91, low 46

This fall’s concrete work drew to a close on Tuesday morning when we [above, R-L: Kent, Travis, Kenny, Harlan, and me] poured the second of the sloping buttresses abutting the north wall of the garage [the end of the form can be seen at the far right of the picture above], and the floor of the patio [below]. As now envisioned, the portion of the patio extending from the column behind Kenny toward the cement truck in the background will be uncovered, whereas the portion between the columns [where Kenny, Travis and Harlan are working] will have a deck above. The area from the columns to the foreground will be storage, with one set of stairs connecting the deck above to an intermediate landing/deck and then another flight connecting that space to the ground of the hocoka behind the photographer below.

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