WS7 Oko 34

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Topa

Monday, Oct 11 to Sunday, Oct 17, 2010: high 82, low 36

Late afternoon shadows lengthening behind Dan as he sets posts just east of the wicoti. The new four-wire fence is nearly a mile long, encompassing the wicoti, the Wingsprings buildings, and the natural springs in the draw to the west. We dig nearly all of the post holes using an auger attachment on the bobcat, but the dirt around each post must be tamped by hand. First, though, one wire is stretched between H-braces to serve as a guide so the holes are all in alignment. After the posts are set, that wire is stapled to them approximately 14” off the ground. Then the next wire is unrolled, stretched, and stapled 10” above the first one. That process is followed twice more for each run of the fence. According to federal guidelines governing this fencing project, a run cannot be longer than 1,320’, or a quarter of a mile.

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