WS7 Oko 5

Oko Zaptan

Monday, Mar 22 to Sunday, Mar 28, 2010: high 71, low 27

Brother Kent and sister-in-law Sandie helped grout the bedroom tile floor that Dan and i had cut and stuck down in January [see Oko 49, 2010]. The staggered radiating row of tiles straddle the Wingsprings west-east axis. The grouting process is a lot of work, so it was really nice of Kent and Sandie to help accomplish this job.

After cleaning and vacuuming the floor on Sunday late afternoon, Kent mixed the grout and then we trowelled it between every tile, as shown in the photo below. We started in the upper area of the picture where the bedroom opens into the bathroom. After the grout set up a little bit we removed the excess. But that was not nearly as easy to do as you might imagine. We spent 4-5 hours working steadily to get to the point in the bottom picture below.

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