WS7 Oko 15

Oko Ake Zaptan

Monday, May 31 to Sunday, Jun 6, 2010: high 82, low 46

Here are a few pictures from the archives. The one above of Emile and Dave mixing concrete to set the posts that support the connecting roof between the house and bathhouse was taken on June 6, 2007. The very end of the bathhouse’s west rafter is just visible in the upper left corner of the picture. In the background notice also that there were only three tipis that comprised the wicoti. The picture below taken that same day is looking back toward the house. 

The picture below was taken a year later June 1, 2008 from the cockpit looking south. Along the bottom are the rafters for the connecting roof between the house [to the right front] and the bathhouse [to the left]. In the background you can see the wicoti that contains four tipis and two wall tents. For comparison purposes, the three tipis in the top picture were located in the darker green patch to the east [left] of the wicoti.

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