WS7 Oko 22

Oko Wikcemna Nunpa ake Nunpa

Monday, Jul 19 to Sunday, Jul 25, 2010: high 101, low 52

On a wonderfully warm Friday a naming ceremony, under the guidance of Jerry and Dennis, was hosted at the Wingsprings wicoti. This was the first time Wingsprings hosted such a ceremony. The individuals receiving their names were, from right to left, Ben, Staci, Stephanie, Matthew, Mackenzie, Donna, and Ellie. Sponsors were Bonnie and myself. It is a blessing that Bonnie and Donna chose Wingsprings as the place to conduct the ceremony. And true to his admonition that it is good to hold a grand parade every once in a while, Dennis planned a beautiful ceremony that included a respectful dose of “pomp and circumstance.”

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