WS7 Oko 27

Oko Wikcemna Nunpa ake Sakowin

Monday, Aug 23 to Sunday, Aug 29, 2010: high 103, low 55

Wednesday, cousin Jackie and I took down the tipis and tent in the wicoti. They will not be put back up until next spring or early summer. The first step is to remove the liners. Two of them are stretched out in the hocoka of the wicoti in the picture above. In the foreground are three of the tipi doors.

Here is Jackie untying the middle of the three ties that hold the liner to the tipi poles. In the image below, the liner is completely untied from the poles and ready to be pulled outside, laid out, and folded up for storage.

After the liner is removed, then the tie-downs along the bottom edge of the tipi cover are untied, the wooden pins are removed, and the cover is rolled back to the lift pole from both sides.

The final steps are to lay the lift pole down, untie the tipi cover, and fold it up for storage.

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