WS7 Oko 29

Oko Wikcemna Nunpa ake Napcinyunka

Monday, Sep 6 to Sunday, Sep 12, 2010: high 89, low 44

Friday morning the 10th the footings for both the library and the garage were poured. The footings are 16” wide and 8” deep, and have two continuous steel reinforcing bars in them. The cement truck was positioned to begin the pour with the footings for the walls of the library that will face the hocoka, as shown in the picture above. Later that afternoon, after the forms were striped off, a rainbow appeared in the eastern sky. The pic below also shows the vertical re-bars that are spaced at approximately every 4’. The orange plastic caps atop those re-bars are safety devices to minimize injuries should someone accidentally fall onto the re-bars. The footing extending from the foreground is for the wall of the library that will face the hocoka. The garage wall that will face the hocoka will be built on the other curved footing. The space between the two overlapping footings will in the future be a vestibule with a door on the left opening into the garage, and a door straight ahead going outside.

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