WS7 Oko 48

Oko Wikcemna Topa ake Saglogan

Monday, Jan 17 to Sunday, Jan 23, 2011: high 44, low -14

Here is a picture from the archives for this week three years ago: January 20, 2008. A lot of construction work has been done since then. For instance, the bathhouse roof at the left of the picture connects to the gable at the far side of the deck on the right side of the image. The deck itself has been lowered nearly a foot, the bathhouse is stuccoed, three cabins have been built, and a concrete veranda poured in front of them. In the background, the two tipis are now located to the far west–or right–of the picture. And the new fence we built this fall should keep cattle, such as those in the middle ground, from grazing in the wicoti or around the house.

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