WS8 Oko 31

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Wanji

Monday, Sep 26  to Sunday, Oct 2, 2011: high 91, low 35

Berwyn is nailing on the purlin hangers while standing on the ground, a change we made from this past weekend when we nailed them on after the trusses were swung into place atop the walls. This way is a lot quicker and easier–not to mention safer! The pairs of matching trusses were stood up and tied to steel posts, then clamped and nailed together, and finally the hangers were nailed on. Tuesday afternoon cousin Glenn brought the digger truck with a boom and swung the remaining four 2-ply trusses onto the walls.

We then cut and nailed in the purlins, and began sheathing the inside slope of the roof on Saturday. Travis (pictured below) helped us.

By the end of the day, we had the six inside slopes sheathed in 5/8ths inch OSB.

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