WS8 Oko 42

Oko Wikcemna Topa ake Nunpa

Monday, Dec 12 to Sunday, Dec 18 2011: high 61, low 5

This is one of three sites among the springs where water is collected and then tested in a Rapid City lab for suspended solids and E. coli. Wednesday morning i chopped through the ice to collect the two samples at each site. Once the hole was chopped through the approximately 4 inches of ice, water bubbled up onto the surface and soaked outward. This site i call the Frog Pond because countless frogs are in and around it during the summertime. It is the uppermost or southernmost of the spring pools, all of which are now frozen over. Thats my blue backpack sitting on the clump of grass, and the yellow-handled hatchet leaning against it.

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