WS7 Oko 52

Oko Wikcemna Zaptan ake Nunpa

Monday, Feb 14 to Sunday, Feb 20, 2011: high 68, low -3

Sunny and windy this Wednesday afternoon, walking down the south draw from the apple trees toward the house. In the shelter of the draw, the mid 60s temperature felt even warmer. Near the apple trees, two large owls dropped from tree branches and quietly flew in the direction i was headed, so i followed them. Near the chokecherry trees, i caught up with them, though unknowingly. Stopping to look for them, one unexpectedly dropped in a graceful swooping arc from a tree and flew back in the direction we had come from. And though i couldn’t see the second one, i took a picture of that tree moments before he too flew away, following his companion. Later, on close inspection, he is visible in the image. Look almost dead center.

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