WS8 Oko 10

Oko Wikcemna

Monday, May 2 to Sunday, May 8, 2011: high 86, low 28

This weekend Nick graded up a road from the house to the gravel road, a distance of just under a mile. It ended up being a bigger project than intended, but the result is a road that will improve access to Wingsprings for years to come. Nevertheless, it is shocking to see the width of the grading, not to mention its depth, as is evident in the picture below. Hopefully before the end of the year we can get rock or gravel on some of this new road. Regardless, it sure makes for a smoother drive. Whereas we used to drive on rough rutted trails that mudded up when it rained in the spring and summer, and caught snow all winter long, the new elevated and crowned road should stay fairly dry and blow clear of snow.

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