WS8 Oko 28

Oko Wikcemna Nunpa ake Saglogan

Monday, Sep 5  to Sunday, Sep 11, 2011: high 92, low 40

An engaging and inquisitive group of Interior Design students and faculty from South Dakota State University visited on Thursday afternoon. They had departed Brookings on Tuesday and were returning there on Friday. First row, left to right: Jenn, Brandie, Abby, Melissa, Amber, Sheri, Haley; Second row: Susan, Breanna, Amanda, Alyssa, Alicia, Kassie (blue shirt w/yellow letters); Third row: Angie, Kari, Kate, Coleen, Alli, Brenna, Emily (eyes only!). Their traveling classroom for the four days, shown below, was driven by Bill.

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