WS8 Oko 44 2012

Oko Wikcemna Topa ake Topa

Monday, Dec 26, 2011 to Sunday, Jan 1 2012: high 52, low 8

That’s a game camera that Dan is strapping to a tree just on the other side of the springs. In the background you can see the house. The camera has an infrared motion detector, so whenever there is sufficient movement, whether daylight or nighttime, the camera will snap a series of the pictures. There is a game trail just up the hill [off the bottom of the frame] from the tree, so the hope is that the camera will capture a number of pictures of deer.

The first tree we tried was slightly lower and therefore closer to the springs, and a little to the north. Its shown in the picture below. It too was beside a trail, but one that was not nearly as well trodden as the one beside the tree in the picture above.

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