WS9 Oko 33

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Yamni

Monday, Oct 8 to Sunday, Oct 14 2012: high 73, low 17

Late this afternoon watched two muskrats playfully swimming in the Turtle Pond. Cousin Merle said that they are most likely responsible for the underwater “canals” that became visible this summer when the water levels of all the ponds dropped precipitously. The water level in the Turtle Pond has risen quite a bit from its summer-time low, but looking along the bank you can see that it is still down a ways. The photo below of the Turtle Pond, taken September  4th, shows the water level at about its lowest. And in the photos below it is a closer-up image of one of the canals. The last photo is of this same canal, but looking the opposite direction.

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