WS9 Oko 40

Oko Wikcemna Topa

Monday, Nov 26 to Sunday, Dec 2 2012: high 65, low 7

Thursday mid-afternoon driving home, even in the far distance the bright red of this doe’s blood caught my eye. Stopped the car to get a better look, and noticed a coyote running away from it. The kill site is on the east side of the draw that is east of the electric well. The carcass was drug a ways, maybe forty yards, from where it is evident the deer was initially attacked. In the background, near the top middle of the picture, are the “guts,” and near the bottom right corner an internal organ can be seen. These were removed from the carcass with enough care not to bust them open. This site, which i walked to, is nearly a half mile from the house. As i crested the ridge on my way to it, a golden eagle glided off a nearby power pole and flew away to the north. It probably returned later for sustenance.

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