WS10 Oko 14

Oko Ake Topa

Monday, May 27 to Sunday, Jun 2, 2013: high 78, low 37

There seems to be a good crop of mushrooms this spring. They are everywhere. They even burst through the packed road surface, as seen above. In the center of the picture a ‘shroom is almost fully erupted. Beside it to the right you can see one is just beginning to raise and crack the graded road surface. When fully erupted, some of them look like this one below. Am unsure whether these are edible. The surface pattern on the one below is fascinating. So is its shape. Snooping around online, it appears that these are Calvatia cyathiformis, or Purple-spored Puffballs. And when they are young and white in color, apparently they are edible.

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