WS10 Oko 17

Oko Ake Sakowin

Monday, Jun 17 to Sunday, Jun 23, 2013: high 85, low 48

This painted turtle crawled up toward the house Saturday evening. She pulled her legs into her shell whenever we walked nearby, but she didn’t turn around and leave. Instead, she seemed focused on reaching the house, and curious about all the commotion Mom, Dicksy and i made in preparing to eat supper outdoors on the south patio. From there we could watch her–and her us. After the three of us retreated into the house just before the wind of a fast-moving front blew through, she continued her quest and finally settled in under the overhang of the bay bed.

Suddenly, though, she started walking northwesterly at a quick pace, looking like a hovering helmet moving across the mowed grass. Eventually she turned westerly toward the springs and entered the tall uncut grass, which meant even with binoculars we lost track of her.

Upon closer inspection, it appears she buried a clutch or two of eggs under the bay bed. If so, we can expect the babies to hatch in 72 to 80 days. Seventy-two days will be September 2nd. According to online sources, painted turtle females sometimes return to their nesting areas in consecutive years. That would be neat.

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