WS11 Oko 32

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Nunpa

Monday, Sep 29 to Sunday, Oct 5, 2014: high 69, low 26

A beautiful sunrise yesterday morning about twenty minutes to seven. In the left-foreground is a soapweed that was here prior to Kent and me beginning construction of Wingsprings over 10 years ago. For the past four years or so, it has been encircled with chicken wire in order to protect it, particularly from the rabbits. Up until then, over the winters they would typically eat all of its spiky spines, leaving only a nub of the plant. This one always regrew its spines in the spring, but another soapweed near the canister wasn’t able to, and died a number of years ago. Mom’s mom, Grandma Smith, liked soapweeds and wrote a poem about them. Mom reminded me to protect this one, so we did. It is a natural reminder of Grandma, and of Mom.

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