WS11 Oko 33

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Yamni

Monday, Oct 6 to Sunday, Oct 12, 2014: high 75, low 31

Fascinating week with regard to celestial events. Early Wednesday morning was a full moon. The picture above is of the full moon just before it set near the Butte. The two to three hours preceding the image were amazing: a total eclipse of the moon. The night began with a bright moon casting deep shadows. Then before 5am the moon was in total eclipse in the western sky. Orangish-red in color with a very thin yellowish ring around it, the eclipsed moon was beautifully eerie. After a while the bright whiteness of the full moon began descending over its top edge, eventually displacing the muted reddish-orange color entirely. By then the gathering morning light meant that moonbeams were not bright enough to cast strong shadows as they had for the first half of the night. Four days later the sunrise caused the cockpit’s shadow to cast onto the slope west of the house in alignment to the Butte.

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