WS11 Oko 34

Oko Wikcemna Yamni ake Topa

Monday, Oct 13 to Sunday, Oct 19, 2014: high 85, low 24

Cousin Glenn surveying the upper end of the west strut of the roof frame that he built. Its pretty neat. The roof is trapezoidal in shape. Its slope is such that its top surface planes exactly with the hocokab. And it is hung from two angled struts. Glenn did all the cutting and welding. Corey painted it. Now we are cyphering on how to cover it. When we first installed it on Tuesday late afternoon, we discovered that the struts were too long. So Glenn shortened them and Corey repainted them and so Wednesday late afternoon we got it installed. That is when the photo above was taken. The photo below, on the other hand, was taken this Sunday morning, and shows the overall look of the frame.

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