WS11 Oko 41

Oko Wikcemna Topa ake Wanji

Monday, Dec 1 to Sunday, Dec 7, 2014: high 60, low 0

Abe and Corey beside the cairn after the three of us picked rocks from the newly graveled “driveway” and stacked them atop it. The cairn is on the Wingsprings west-east axis, and not too far from the road that is 226th Avenue. The cairn was rising slowly, being little more than a thick circle of stones this summer. But because we had to pick big rocks out of the new gravel this fall, we added them to the cairn and it grew fast. Four bobcat buckets plus a couple pickup loads later, the cairn is taking shape. We have one more pass of picking to do this coming week, and then the cairn growth will slow to an occasional rock that visitors contribute to its growth. When you come visit, bring a (big) rock!

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