WS11 Oko 44

Oko Wikcemna Topa ake Topa

Monday, Dec 22 to Sunday, Dec 28, 2014: high 44, low -4

One good thing about the fresh snow this week is it is convenient for tracking–rabbits in this case. Yesterday afternoon followed some tracks from the house down the hill to the wicoti and beyond to the fence immediately south of it. They led here, to this entrance to an underground abode. Judging by the tracks, this is the home of one very busy rabbit or perhaps of two or more rabbits. The entrance is oriented to the northwest, overlooking the wicoti, which is behind and a little to the left of the photographer, and therefore directly faces the prevailing storm path. Another ramification is that the winter sun (at least) does not shine down upon it, which means the passageway during the day is always in shadow.

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