WS10 Oko 51

Oko Wikcemna Zaptan ake Wanji

Monday, Feb 10 to Sunday, Feb 16, 2014: high 63, low -6

This papered wall is the end wall of the mechanical room. It was a stuccoed exterior wall up until the library/garage addition was constructed, at which time it became an interior wall. Likewise, the painted wall above left was exterior drum wall until the addition. This week Corey painted the drum wall, and removed the stucco between the columns on the end wall. These old exterior walls are now interior surfaces. The black tubes near the bottom of the wall are the in-floor heating system for the library. They will be connected to a new boiler, which will be mounted in the mechanical room directly on the other side of the wall. The batt insulation against which the broom is leaning is in the addition’s exterior wall. It and the paper-covered wall will have tongue & groove boards installed over them.

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