WS11 Oko 24

Oko Wikcemna Nunpa ake Topa

Monday, Aug 4 to Sunday, Aug 10, 2014: high 94, low 51

Thursday night a wind and rain storm blew through, knocking over two of the sets of tipi poles in the wicoti, and causing huge amounts of water to run down the draws and gullies, and through the springs. In the photo above you can see the flattened grass in the foreground indicating the rushing flow of water from the right (south) to the left (north). The pool apparently caused the water to slow down enough to broaden its path as is evident by the flattened grass along its perimeter, as well as by the debris along the edges of the short-lived waterway.

In the image below you can perhaps better see the flattened grass and debris created by the storm water. The picture also clearly illustrates how green the landscape remains–even this late in the summer. This is a remarkable condition.

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