WS12 Oko 1

Oko Wanci

Monday, Feb 23 to Sunday, Mar 1, 2015: high 53, low -8

Happy new [Wingsprings] year! This is the start of the seventh year of these oko iyawapis. Three hundred and thirteen weeks ago this series began on March 1, 2009. That first entry, Oko 1, 2009, explains why this is the beginning of the new year here at Wingsprings. If you are interested, follow the “Go to archive” link at the bottom of the Oko Iyawapi page and scroll to that entry.

The photo above was taken Wednesday morning from the ridge east of the facilities. It was a frosty foggy morning.

This morning, March 1, 2015, however, arrived with a dusting of overnight snow covering every surface that was not vertical. There must have been no wind, not even a whispering breeze, overnight as the snow fell. But as the sun arced toward midday, a northerly wind likewise rose and the thin veil of snow disappeared imperceptively. Then in the leeward brightness of the reclining sun a new beginning; the shivering shadows of the hurrying clouds contrapuntal to the contemplative afternoon.

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