WS13 Oko 6

Oko Sakpe

Monday, Mar 28 to Sunday, Apr 3, 2016: high 71, low 26

Took this picture this morning of the brand new windsock that Corey and i installed on Tuesday. If you look close, to the right of the road in the middle ground that curves over a slight ridge, you can see the cairn of rocks. That cairn in on the Wingsprings west-east axis. The west anchor of the axis is the Butte, then coming east, the next item on the axis is the roof of the cockpit, and then the center of the hocoka. From there we shot the alignment to the east ridge and set up the survey instrument over it, as you can see in the photo below:

Then we flipped the eye-piece 180 degrees and shot a continuation of the axis eastward, directly over the rock cairn.

Beyond the cairn eastward, but before the fence line, we dug a hole for the windsock pole directly on the axis.

Once the pole was set (with ready mix concrete), we lagged on a pipe extension to which we threaded on the swivel mechanism.

Then the windsock was attached to the mechanism with zip ties,

and we were done. Dad loved to fly, so this is a reminder of that fact. It also will serve as a marker for where along 226th Avenue to turn onto our road. This way we don’t have to have a sign with letters or numbers. The pole of the windsock is now the eastern anchor of the Wingsprings west-east axis.

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