WS13 Oko 25

Oko Wikemna Nunpa ake Zaptan

Monday, Aug 8 to Sunday, Aug 14, 2016: high 99, low 53

This Sunday morning photo captures the two main projects we completed this week here at Wingsprings. In the foreground is the new foot door into the garage. This is something thats been planned for a few years. Boy did it positively change the look and feel of the house. We should have done it a long time ago. The other project can be seen in the background. We now have steps all the way to the upper deck. The two short flights of stairs make access to that deck so convenient. And if you look real close, you can see that we painted the “drum wall” behind the upper flight the chaps color. Wow! Does it ever provide a vibrant visual effect. This coming week we will try to get more of the drum walls painted this color. And when we do, the look of Wingsprings will really change. So if you’re in a mood to paint, come and help us.

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