WS13 Oko 28

Oko Wikemna Nunpa ake Saglogan

Monday, Aug 29 to Sunday, Sep 4, 2016: high 90, low 51

Twenty-four students and two faculty from South Dakota State University’s Consumer Sciences Department spent Tuesday afternoon and evening at Wingsprings. They did an allotment exercise that included walking to find an allotment stake and then recording the information on it either photographically, in writing or by doing a pencil rubbing of the stake’s cap. Back at the facilities, they plotted the location of the stake on an allotment map from 1910, identified the original allottees, the amount of land each allottee received, and then determined whether those allotments are in trust or fee status today. The rest of the afternoon was a presentation titled, “Seven Things All South Dakotans Should Know About American Indians.” Then after supper they watched the film “Lakota Star Knowledge” before departing after sunset.

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