WS16 Oko 20

Oko Wikcemna Nunpa

Monday, Jul 8 to Sunday, Jul 14, 2019: high 94 , low 53, gust 62 mph, moisture 0.64"

Thursday was a hot day. After lunch, Andrea (center with shovel) and staff from the South Dakota Art Museum (R-L: Carolyne, Jodi, Taylor, Pam and Lynn) took the quilt that Andrea and her mother, Francine, sewed for the Takuwe exhibit and reburied it near the wicoti. The wonderful quilt was originally buried at this site by Andrea and Francine in late December of 2017. The following spring, cousin Glenn and i excavated it for the opening of the Takuwe exhibit. Now it will be buried until December when it will again be excavated and this time taken to the Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana, and displayed.

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