WS17 Oko 13

Oko Ake Yamni

Monday, May 18 to Sunday, May 24, 2020: high 82, low 45, gust 40 mph, moisture 1.14" 

Monday morning i was sitting in the pickup by the hydrant when this momma rabbit went running by with a clump of grass in her mouth. She was heading toward the gallery. Then within a minute she came running back without anything in her mouth. She went by and proceeded to fill her mouth again and repeat the process. So i followed the next time and watched as she crawled into a hole she had dug in the dirt bank alongside the new concrete slab. Then she backed out of the hole, having tucked the grass inside, and ran back near the hydrant and repeated the process. In the picture above she has just backed out of the hole. She was still running back and forth, lining her birth nest with grass and her own fur, when i left for town. Later when i came back, the opening to the hole was completely blocked with dirt and all traces of her presence were erased. According to online sources, her gestation period is 28-31 days, at which time she will return to uncover the hole and give birth inside. Hopefully i can get a trail camera set up to capture some of her actions then.

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