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Oko Ake Saglogan

Monday, Jun 22 to Sunday, Jun 28, 2020: high 93, low 50, gust 26 mph, moisture 0.46"

This week we got most of the exterior wall forms installed. The tall straight forms, which we are borrowing from Kenny, the concrete guy, are relatively easy to install. They are part of a fascinating system of ties, cams and stiff-backs that make forming walls pretty quick. But they also require that the forms on both sides of a wall are level with each other. In our case, the exterior forms are 6” below the interior forms, which means we cannot use Kenny’s forms on the interior side. As for the curved walls, Kenny doesn’t have forms for them. So we have built all of the curved exterior and interior forms. In the photo above are two curved exterior forms of the gallery (their tops covered with house wrap to protect them), and a lower curved exterior form of the patio.

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