WS17 Oko 51

Oko Wikcemna Zaptan ake Wanji

Monday, Feb 8 to Sunday, Feb 14, 2021: high 8, low -22 gust 20 mph, moisture 0.00"

Saturday morning at a quarter to nine: this picture was taken from an east-facing cockpit window. It was calm and one degree below zero, which was the high temperature for the day. It had been Thursday afternoon since the temp was so high, and it wouldn’t come close to getting this warm on Sunday. In the foreground of the photo is the bedroom roof and beyond it, in the middle of the hocoka, the firepit that is filled with snow. Beyond it, the shadowed stem walls of the future gallery stand starkly against the fresh snow. Through the gap between the gallery and the bathhouse, you can see the horizontal wing boards on either side of the autogate and to our right (south) of them the wire gate for vehicles too heavy or too wide to use the autogate. Winding its way up to the far ridge is the road, both sides of which were mowed back to minimize snow drifting across the road. And above everything, stretching even beyond our imaginations, the blue sky.

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