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Monday, Feb 15 to Sunday, Feb 21, 2021: high 43, low -25 gust 24 mph, moisture 0.00"

The official sunset time for Monday the 15th was 5:19 pm. The photo above was taken at 5:13 pm on that late afternoon. Three hours earlier, at 2:05 pm, the thermometer reached its high for the day, which was only three degrees above zero. Brrrr. But the “feels like” temperature at that time was -15 degrees. The “feels like” temperature is based on ambient (thermometer) temp, the wind speed, and the dew point. The high feels like temperature for the 15th was -11 degrees at 2:51 pm. The lowest feels like temperature was -43.9 degrees at 7:13 am when the wind was only about 7 mph and the ambient temp was -23.4 degrees. No matter how it is measured, Monday was a cold day. By observation of the shape of the snow in the foreground of the photo, one can infer that there had been enough wind to cause drifting, and indeed, the wind had reached a high gust of 19.8 mph at 2:28 that afternoon.

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