WS18 Oko 6

Oko Sakpe

Monday, Mar 29 to Sunday, Apr 4, 2021: high 84, low 13, gust 53 mph, moisture 0.00"

This new kitchen countertop project began two weeks and two days ago. The intention was to remove the existing top of 2x boards screwed and glued together, with a new tiled countertop. But the old top could not easily be removed, so we topped it with a skim coat of thin set, a backer board, and then another layer of thin set and the tiles. Finished grouting on the 28th and installing the sink and cooktop on the 30th. After lots of cleaning, we still need to install a trim board along the front edge. Then we will be about ready to undertake the next two related projects. One is to tile the top of the work bench that Dad built and that is used as a kitchen island. The other is to continue the backsplash along the end wall of the counter in the photo above and then around the wall to the small work space on the other side. The good news is that the island has no complicated cuts or electrical issues, so it will be next. 

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