WS18 Oko 12

Oko Ake Nunpa

Monday, May 10 to Sunday, May 16, 2021: high 73, low 33, gust 27 mph, moisture 1.02"

Monday late afternoon started up the tractor and checked its fluids. Then decided to do a little mowing, which turned into mowing all of the trails. Turtle Pond is in the background of the photo above. The tractor is in the middle ground, and in the forgroud is a grassy knob. The existing trail continues in a straight line in front of the tractor. You can see it beyond and to the left of the grassy knob. The new mowed trail makes a long “s” beginning in front of the tractor and its midpoint approximately passing through the swale to the right of the grassy knob that we are looking through. It continues off the center-bottom of the picture and arcs back to the existing trail.

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