WS18 Oko 28

Oko Wikcemna Nunpa ake Saglogan

Monday, Aug 30 to Sunday, Sep 5, 2021: high 89, low 51, gust 56 mph, moisture 2.07"

This pictures is from the drone, taken late Saturday morning. It was calm, clear and not quite 70 degrees. Excellent flying weather! The image is looking northwest across the sanctuary. The green pond in the foreground is Frog Pond. The larger, clearer pond on the right side near two trees, is Turtle Pond. The clump of trees still farther and to the left (west) are at the Picnic Area, which is basically the north line of the sanctuary. A couple of the ponds were dried up last week, but with this week’s moisture, they all have water in them again. This narrow swath of green curving through the dry grasses reminds me of looking down from a jet window between Luxor and Cairo at the Nile Valley, and being amazed at the sinuous emerald thread along the Nile River that divided two endless expanses of desert sand. 

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