WS20 Oko 16

Oko Ake Sakpe

Monday, Jun 12, to Sunday, Jun 18, 2023: high 86, low 46, gust 31 mph, moisture 0.06"

8:15 pm on Moms birthday. Last year when she and i swapped in a new windsock on Dads birthday i told her that beginning this year, 2023, we would mow a semi-circular path from the driveway to her cairn and that we would annually, on her birthday, weed whip around the cairn after restacking the rocks. I thought she would be here to watch us do it. Instead, Dan and i used a rope and a stake to mark and mow the path after we restacked the rocks and weed whipped around the cairn. Moms cairns and Dads windsock are on the eastern end of the Wingsprings west-east axis.

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