WS20 Oko 50

Oko Wikcemna Zaptan

Monday, Feb 5, to Sunday, Feb 11, 2024: high 64, low 21, gust 33 mph, moisture 0.05"

Sunday afternoon i walked a lot of the Wingsprings land that borders the sanctuary. During the walkabout, i checked on Wazi Ishnala and discovered that a portion of the fence encompassing it was broken down. This old evergreen is the only pine tree in the four quarters of Wingsprings land. Jordan and i put up the fence in June 2021 with the idea of providing a safe space for Wazi Ishnala's offspring to sprout and grow without unintentionally being trampled by cattle. There is indisputable evidence that at least one heifer has been inside the fence, apparently gaining access through the broken portion of the fence. This needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

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