Whereas a documentary library has shelves of books that we can read and learn from, our natural libary is full of entities and beings that we do not know how to "read." Nevertheless, we are protecting these entitites and beings with the expectation that there are persons who can and will read and learn from them, if not now then in the future. We are providing an opportunity for the land, water and beings to strengthen and reestablish themselves. In this natural libaray are nearly two miles of trails that function like aisles in a documentary library. You are invited to walk them and to browse the shelves of the Wingsprings natural library.

On October 20, 2010, we finished fencing a 64-acre parcel of land that includes the springs, the wicoti, and the architectural facilities. Since that day, this plot of land has been set aside as a sanctuary for the natural plants and animals. Domesticated animals are not permitted inside.

This is our "Natural Library," a designation that references an insightful quote by Vine Deloria, Sr., who explained to me:

"That is not a wild fire, it is a natural fire;

that is not a wild flower, it is a natural flower;

I am not a wild Indian, I am a natural man."