Wingsprings is a vision that is being built on land within the Lacreek District of the Pine Ridge Reservation. It is approximately 8 miles east and 4 miles north of Martin, in Bennett County, South Dakota.  A literal translation of "Wingsprings" in Lakota is "Hupahu Wiwila." The name "Wingsprings" was created in recognition of four things:

Three Stars Springs  An old place-name for this land was Three Stars Springs, which recognized local Lakota allottees plus the series of natural fresh-water springs in the main draw west of the architectural facilities. Whereas individuals come and go, the springs remain.

Richard Howe  The previous steward of the land, Richard Howe, loved to fly airplanes and was an excellent pilot. He is my father who died unexpectedly at age 67 on February 14, 2002. Initially, therefore, the idea of "flight" was an organizing concept for the architectural design of the facilities. The word "wing" carries this concept. (He and Mom in the pic.)

Wingspread  The word "wing" is also in the name of one of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous buildings - Wingspread. It is an amazing example of his prairie style architecture and embodies good lessons for those of us wishing to learn how to think about and build place-based architecture critically and creatively. 

Spring Green  Another of Frank Lloyd Wright's remarkable buildings - in fact, one of his homes - was Taliesin, just a few miles from Spring Green, Wisconsin. Taliesin was his home, but it also was a school. Taliesin education included classroom instruction, manual labor, artistic expression and team work. This more encompassing mission of Taliesin guides, in many ways, the vision of Wingsprings. 

As its etymology suggests, Wingsprings refers to the architectural facilities we are building, the land surrounding them, and also to the ideas and hopes of the whole enterprise.

Wingsprings Sunrise Days

February 28

October 12

Wingsprings Sunset Days

April 11

August 30


3,034' (+/- 15')


N43 15' 16.7"W101 36' 27.1"

Physical Address

28649 226th Avenue

Martin, SD 57551

Mailing Address

PO Box 484

Martin, SD 57551

Phone Number

(605) 685-6128


Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies

Craig Howe